The hyperbole of this website gets very very old and seems to be distinction between proper writing, and the writing that seems as if it feels it needs to cling to amateurism as if that attracts readership somehow. I'm spurred to write this by Raphael's article on Seinfeld driving "the most beautiful car ever made." This statement certainly isn't the worst when it comes to exaggeration and intentional blurring of fact with opinion, but it is a very typical hyperbolic headline, and it's comes after way too many of these statements for Jalopnik writers. It's early in the morning and I have a few minutes to kill.

Beauty is subjective, style is subjective in the real world. You can arrive at a near consensus on such things, but being unquantifiable, you really can't arrive at such concrete terms like "best ever," "greatest ever," and so on. The Question of the Day is the reality of trying to get a clear agreement on at least a top list of things, and you can see the reality is never that way by the spirited rage of the comments* following the Answers of the Day.


Why then, do Jalopnik writers continue to tread in the madness of claiming they know exactly what the coolest car ever is. I mean, when you say "coolest," well, that's pretty subjective for the moment, but then you go and add "ever," and your claiming your boast is fact for eternity before and after the statement is made. Try and make claims like that in most bars to everyone there, and you'll probably get a brawl started.

And that folks, is a logical reason for the arrogance of hyperbole here. It's done plainly to spark an argument. It's a mild form of badgering, really, that draws clicks and comments.

Illustration for article titled The Worst Post Ever

It makes me a bit annoyed actually that we are stoked into action by such crude methods. It's driven me to a point of trying to find different news outlets and forums for talking about cars. Seriously, the formulaic method is very transparent to me, and there's not much surprise to any of the writing or content here anymore.


"The Zero F***s Given RX7 Is Better Than Any Car You'll Ever Own"

This one really pissed me off. We're car people, a lot of us are young people who aspire to much, much greater ends than this one suggested. I think for me, the most accurate headline would have been the first four words.


"Engineer Dad Builds His Son The Best Toy Car We've Ever Seen"

Just curious, Jason. When you say "we," do you go around the Jalopnik offices there and ask everyone? Who are the "we" that agreed to that?


Maybe it's just a thing that young people do. I'm not young by internet standards, I've noticed the habit for people to love or hate and completely overlook the possibility of being somewhere in the middle and having an intelligent discussion over subtlety.

So next time you write something, draw someone in with facts, suggest your opinions with humility and supporting data, but encourage discussion through cerebral methods instead of baiting arguments just by being polar and arrogant.


*No way in hell I'm mentioning the name of the commenting "system." Another gripe and another article are deserved for that. The process of commenting should be transparent and logical. The "system" here is neither.

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